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Things To Do
Those staying at The Travellers Rest Bed and Breakfast are spoiled for choice, with a huge range of things to do. There are a wide range of Attractions and Activities for all ages and budgets. Those listed below are shown on the location marked map further down this page. The region also hosts a number of events throughout the year. Whether you want to sit back and relax, leisurely take in scenery, stretch the legs with a walk or climb or get seriously energetic. It's all here waiting for you!

Attractions and Activities


The Traveller's Rest B&B is a fully working farm!

So, while you are here, why not take the opportunity to explore the property – you can safely walk along the raceway and see the cows, sheep and alpacas, some of the cows are happy to eat a carrot or an apple from your hand and you can even watch Daisy being milked.

If you like, you can feed the chooks and ducks and collect the eggs. Fresh seasonal produce is lovely to pick and eat from the veggie garden all year round and the orchard from November till May.

Or just sit on the deck with a coffee or a glass of wine and watch the birds and enjoy the scenery.
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Head north up Albany Highway from The Traveller's Rest B&B, take the first left onto Yeriminup Road then onto Traveller's Rest Road.

From August onwards, a walk through this reserve can reward the visitor with a range of orchids and other wildflowers.

September and October is a good time to take a walk along the railway track to the east, for more wildflowers.
DISTANCE - 3 minutes - 3.5 km.
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Established in 1931, with the first nine holes, the gold course now has a longer back nine.

Break out those clubs and enjoy the fresh air and wild life that only a country golf course can provide!.
DISTANCE - 6 minutes - 7 km.
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Located in Gathorne Street was the first brick house built in the town and the oldest brick house standing in Cranbrook. It was built soon after the completion of the railway line in 1889.

Open by appointment only by contacting Bernie Climie on 0407 261 123.
DISTANCE - 7 minutes - 9 km.
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Located 5km east of the townsite, off Salt River Road.

The lookout provides views to the salt lakes to the north and east, farmlands to the west and a panoramic view of the Stirling Range to the south. The area is abundant with wildflowers in spring.
DISTANCE - 11 minutes - 10 km.
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Drive 300m east past the "Gateway To The Stirlings" overhead sign along Salt River Road and look for the picnic area and signage on the left, which details the flora and fauna to be found in the area.

The circuit walk is 1.7km long with impressive spring native flora and spectacular orchids.
DISTANCE - 8 minutes - 9.2 km.
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Located on Albany Highway, south of The Traveller's Rest B&B, this 1985 established family vineyard is one of two nearby winery/vineyards amongst many multi award winning winery/vineyards in the surrounding region.

The region's diverse terroir and fresh produce provides tourists with a wide range of amazingly unforgettable vintage and food palate experiences.

Wines on offer include Riesling, Chardonnay, Rose, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.
DISTANCE - 11 minutes - 16 km.
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Trevelen Farm Wines is the northern most winery in the Great Southern. Their location is rarely affected by summer coastal rain and associated viticultural diseases. This allows them to limit their spraying program to environmentally friendly applications.

Wines include Riesling, Chardonnay, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.
DISTANCE - 16 minutes - 23 km.
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The Stirling Range National Park encloses and conserves one of two mountain ranges within the region. Peaks rising over 1,000 metres above sea level, a world important flora area with 1500 species (many unique to the area), a diverse range of fauna and numerous valley, climbing and ridge walks with breath taking views.

These combined make the Stirling Range a must tourist destination!

Be realistic about your fitness level, dress for variable weather, don't walk alone and take plenty of water.
DISTANCE - 15 minutes - 22 km.
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Conceived by local police sergeant David Johnson, these murals, painted by international "Wall Dog" artists, celebrate and honour Mount Barker's aboriginal heritage and rich historic background.

The size, detail and fine composition, combined with the trail aspect qualifies these as a definite tick on your tourism buck list!

Open all year round - take your camera!
DISTANCE - 21 minutes - 33 km.
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Conveniently located on Albany Highway in a historic railway building, with plenty of short and long vehicle parking.

The Mount Barker Visitor Centre is jam packed with loads of merchandise, memorabilia and informational books, brochures and maps.

The centre's staff are all knowledgeable locals.

Definitely a must on your itinerary!

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Weekends: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
DISTANCE - 21 minutes - 33 km.
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Head south down Albany Highway and turn left at Oatlands Road, becoming Porongurup Road once you are out of town and you are on your way to Porongurup Range, the second of the two ranges within the region.

Porongurup Range, formed from the oldest rocks in the world (over one billion years old)  covers an area of 2,511 hectares (6,204 acres)and rises to 670 metres above sea level.

This ancient forest island is home to towering granite peaks and karri trees, numerous walks and climbs, breath taking views and a rich diversity of fauna and flora, with over 750 species of plants, including 55 species of orchids.
DISTANCE - 44 minutes - 60 km.
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This major Porongurup Range National Park drawcard is a very popular tourist attraction - for very good reason.

Through a marvel of engineering, with materials flown in by helicopter, a stainless steel walk way hangs off the side of the massive granite Castle Rock. Take the two kilometre inclining walk through jarrah, marri and karri forrest. Then scramble through a hole in the natural granite wall, traverse a rock strewn v-shaped ravine, climb a 6 metre stainless steel ladder and you are out on the walk way glorious distant views in all directions.

For those uncomfortable with heights or the access rigours of the top walkway, there is an easily accessible lower walk way at the end of the walk.

Wear good supporting shoes, take plenty of water, and a range of clothes as the weather changes rapidly.
DISTANCE - 48 minutes - 63 km.
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Located in the nearby Stirling Range National Park, at 1098m above sea level, Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in Western Australia's South West.

The trail has recently undergone a makeover making it easier to traverse for those with at least reasonable fitness.

Features include abundant wildflowers, birdlife, reptiles, exceptional scenery and even snow on occasions!

Make sure you dress appropriately and take plenty of water to stay hydrated.
DISTANCE - 1 Hour - 83 km.
DIFFICULTY  - Grade 4 out of 5.
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Located in Albany on our southern coast, is this award winning centre that immerses the visitor in a commemorative and moving war experience as you assume the identity of an actual service man or women and relive their lives and fate.

Step outside and explore the Princess Royal Fortress and pop into The Forts Store with great value giftware, memorabilia, military themed toys and the best collection of military fiction and non fiction books you'll find in Western Australia.

Open 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Tuesday - Sunday.
DISTANCE - 59 minutes - 86 km.
Map marker.


In 1978, the Cheynes Beach Whaling Station, as the last remaining whaling company closed and literally walked off site.

This event lead to what you can visit today, you can stand on the decks of a whale chaser and where wales were actually processed, stand underneath the skeleton of a sperm whale, immerse yourself in the 3D whale oil tank theatres and walk the installation with fascinating photos and artefacts.

You can also enjoy a BBQ lunch or picnic in our undercover area or admire the view and seafood cuisine at the Whaler's Gallery Cafe and visit the gift shop to pick up a souvenir gist item or one of many historical reference books.

There is also a wildlife park and wildflower garden.

Open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm every day.
DISTANCE - 80 minutes - 101 km.
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The Gap is a spectacular channel in the 40 metre high coastal granite cliffs within Torndirrup National Park.

Lookouts at both The Gap and Natural Bridge provide outstanding views of the Southern Ocean and the coast from Bald Head to West Cape Howe.

A raised pathway leads from the parking and picnic area across the top of the exposed granite ramparts to reach the viewing platform at The Gap. The pathway gives safe access to the best views while protecting vulnerable plants and lichens on the rock surface from trampling.

The lookout platform at The Gap is supported by five cantilevered beams that following the natural shape of the rock surface and extend over 10 metres from their last contact point. They are anchored securely to stable rock, away from natural faults and joints near the cliff face, using rock anchors up to 9m deep!
DISTANCE - 68 minutes - 97 km.
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Further west along the south coast, near the town of Denmark, lies Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks within the Williams Bay National Park.

GREENS POOL - The calm, sheltered turquoise green waters and white sandy beach is a popular swimming, bathing and snorkelling destination.

ELEPHANT ROCKS - Huge granite boulders rise lazily out of the shallow waters, giving this location it's name.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Williams Bay National Bark is currently closed for redevelopment and is expected to open in November.
DISTANCE - 71 minutes - 104 km.
Map marker.


Between Denmark and Walpole lies the iconic Valley of The Giants with the world famous Tree Top Walk suspended 40 metres high in the canopy of the ancient tingle forrest.

Definitely worth the drive!
DISTANCE - 95 minutes - 140 km.
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